Urban Uprising is a UK registered charity. We fund climbing and educational programs for at risk young people.

With the support of TCA Glasgow, we opened up a project here in Glasgow, in early 2016. This runs during the school holidays and is proving to be a real success. We’re opening up Edinburgh Uprising in 2017. These projects typically run once a week for 2 hours and have 10 young people involved. They are very cost effective. Each session costs just over £100 to run, meaning that each child gets a life enhancing experience for just £5 per hour. We are entirely run by volunteers, so 100% of your donations reaches those that need it.

Working with our local partners, C.E.U, we are also currently making a difference to children’s lives in Rio De Janeiro’s, Rocinha favela (shantytown). It is the first school of its kind in all of Brazil. It’s an innovative and engaging way of connecting with youth to provide education, a sense of community, trust, healthy living, adventure, positive role models and much more. We’ve granted them the funds to build an indoor wall and also rent the space for this wall for a whole year. This was completed recently and is the first climbing wall in a favela worldwide.

Your donations are vital to the work we do and help provide children’s climbing equipment, bus hire, staff wages and other essential costs.

We take the issue of safeguarding and protecting children very seriously. We support and adhere to the BMC, British Mountaineering Council’s standards for safeguarding and protecting children.

If you’d like to know more specifics then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain in more detail.

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